You should ensure that you have all the information about all the cost involved. Because everyone is different, each patient will require a slightly different treatment cycle, so cost will vary. As a rough guide, a standard IVF/ICSI cycle’s total cost at Concept is between RM14,500.00 to RM15,500.00 nett. You can obtain more information from our coordinators.

Patients do not pay RM14,500 — RM15,500 for every attempt or what we termed as "cycle". Only the cycle that involves ovarian stimulation and trans-vaginal ovum pick-up costs that much.

Subsequently, patients who already have frozen embryos pay only between RM2800.00-RM3000.00 per cycle until all the embryos are used up.


IVF/ICSI package price is based on the dosage of Gonadotrophin hormone injections. For more information

Payment Methods:

1) Cash

2) Credit card

3) Ezpayment via credit card (Public Bank, Maybank)

4) Bank cheque/ Personal cheque

IVF/ICSI Packages 2017
A Joint Program with Maybank. Exclusively for Maybank Credit Card Members…
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